Friday, July 31, 2009

Le Haricot Rouge avec Litchi

Red bean, my favorite beans over all the asian-beans, green beans, black beans and soy bean. Originating from China with a Japanese-inspired name of Azuki bean paste, this particular bean is delicious as a sweet soup or as fillings in mochi cakes and breads. My mom makes a good red bean soup just like below which you can find the recipe here. After getting rave reviews from my black sesame macarons, I thought perhaps I should try all the beans out there. Of course in a perfect world I would boil raw red beans and mashed them so they become a paste or I could get a packet of red bean powder from my local Asian supermarket and mix it with hot water. I'll let you decide...

Now...lychee? Why Lychee? well as you know red bean soup with lychee fruits mix together is pretty delicious, and I was afraid of my macarons turning into a mochi-cake with pure red bean paste so I think it's a good pairing having some lychees in the ganache. My brother could not taste the lychee though so perhaps I should make two different flavours next time. I've experimenting with pink colours for awhile and after seeing the red bean sandwiched between my macarons, they kinda looked too candy-candy.

Well I'm off to a birthday party tonight and is bringing a few boxes of macarons for after-dessert-dessert. Okay I might be off for a couple of days, going to Sydney til Wednesday for some catching up with families there, and in between I have to go to Lindt to check out their macarons! have a great weekend ahead!

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