Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lady Macaron Café

Once upon a time, if I have a small cafe on my own it would be pink, as clichéd as it sounds I spent my entire childhood until I was about 10 playing polly pockets and barbie dolls. I keep my polly pockets in a glass cabinets in my room and always imagine myself living in one of their little pop-up houses. So it would be naturally easy for me to pick a wall colour or a little sign with pink lightbulbs and decorate my interior with lacy countertops.

Polly Pockets I've collected since I was about three years old. I still buy them if I see one in markets and garage sales, though prices have skyrocketed.

When I was in Paris and bakery-hopping, I found many boulangeries that were almost a decade old, still with their painted cherubs ceilings and ancient looking counters. It would be a cool idea, something I've been thinking, to open a little cafe in a restaurant, a concept whereas a fake façade is installed in a small area inside the interior of the restaurant or bistro. Guests would have to enter from a fake door and they would feel a totally different ambiance.

A beautiful tea room called Crown & Crumpet situated in the well-known Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco is the epitome of my idea of a very chic cafe. The space used both as a sitting room and a modern shop, it is filled with items for sale as well as for decoration. I especially love the pink and white chested floor and old English paintings of children on the walls. It is a forward interpretation of an antique English tea room, and as it specifically said in the website: There is no ‘Granny’s front parlor’ look for Crown & Crumpet.

I believe that macarons are best devoured with a cup of black coffee or tea, and in the company of good friends and family....or simply alone. Whichever suits you, I can't wait to have my own macaron café!

Ref: First, third and fifth image from Crown & Crumpet website.

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