Thursday, August 20, 2009

chestnut matcha innards

New flavor of the day. Marron et Thé Vert Matcha, a tribute to Pierre Hermé, the master macaron chef. My chestnut is a bit too dark and taste v bitter but I really like it, not sweet at all so it's good for all those diet-conscious included. I'm keeping the green colour, PH is beige-brown colour. I have to create a point of difference right...

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lady jicky said...

Yum - chestnut and green tea - a wonderful combination.
I forgot to mention in the last post .
I feel the same way you do about Paris. I am sure in an other life I lived there. I have been to Paris in May , Sept, June and August. I love May and September the most . cool but not cold . I do not like it in the heat all that much but in those cooler months its like a fantasy land. I think its the fact that the trees still have some leaves and the greyness and light is beautiful in this pretty pretty city.