Friday, August 14, 2009

Le Pamplemousse Tropical

At last after almost a two week macaron hiatus, I am back on the roll. Yes I still have a bit of nagging cough at the back of my throat, but my hands and mind are itching to bake macarons. Especially since I was recently inspired by Paulette rose macaron montage but I did mine using a paint brush, Paulette does hers by airbrushing the macarons. I just added a bit of water in my colour paste and lightly brushed the sides of the macaron in one go. Turned out pretty okay, quite sell-able but perhaps I would use a finer brush. Now I had a bit of fun with filling, I did use grapefruit obviously, and I also did a buttercream filling on the outside with an orange and grapefruit curd in the centre. The thing is if I use all the curd as the filling, it's too thick and heavy, so I thought the buttercream will balance it off and it does.

Sorry the photo is pretty blurry but I couldn't wait to show the insides, the filling hasn't cooled off completely, some of the buttercream went sideways, but I could taste the curd immediately and it spreads as well. Yum, I think I'll keep this flavour if I get to sell my macs. I have been experimenting with flavours and I have been resisting doing just vanilla or just chocolate cos they sound a bit boring, but I guess at the end of the day people wants to know what exactly they're eating, and mixing too many flavours does gives a confusing look? however this is the era of abstraction and avant-garde isn't it, so why not I say. Or has it moved to new age??

So I've tackled grapefruit, using a buttercream recipe from Melanger, and the grapefruit recipe I followed Cuisine Campagne lemon curd recipe but I substitute the lemon to grapefruit. If the curd turns a bit too liquidy, add a few tablespoons of almond meal so that it becomes pasty. Try it, it works for me.


lady jicky said...

Emm, they look so goooooood. I can see you with a "macaroonie" shop one day.
I think that combination would be tany/delish.
I am a fan of Laudree's cassis - the purple colour is fun but the taste is better!!
Honestly Emm, your "roonie's" look like Laudree's!!!!!!
Love, Melinda

EMMELYN said...

Thanks Mel! yes I am going to open soon in Jakarta, the market is bigger there and they spend more on food also. The economy is uncertain but it's has more future there I think. Love to open in Melboourne but it's too much hard work!!haha just kiddin' perhaps one day!

lady jicky said...

OMG Emm - Jakarta!!! You are not joking? Oh, I so wished to pop in your shop here and take my grandson too.
Mmmmm ---- maybe hubby and I might have a holiday in Jakarta one day ???
What fun Emm and you know I wish you all the best!!!
When do you see yourself doing this - what will you call your Roonie shop I wonder?? will it be painted in that wonderful laduree green ? Oh, you may get into trouble with that - or would you?? So MANY questions!!!! LOL

EMMELYN said...

No im serious Mel! my brother has a restaurant there called Potato Head and its pretty popular there n ill start there first. It'll be called Lady Macaron of course, haha, and it'll be pink and either with red or white...ahaha holiday in Jakarta, oh gosh, sure why not!

lady jicky said...

How exciting Emm!
I like the "lady Macaron" name and pink is a great roonie colour .

* Will you still do your blog??? Hope so!