Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In The Mood of Jasmine

I miss Rue Saint Dominique in Paris, a close two minute walk from where I lived, with its little church and the small park surrounding it, what a comfort to walk past. On the opposite site chic boutiques and small artisan boulangeries pride themselves on having a street that faces to right up to La Tour Eiffel. On a misty Sunday morning, the silver tower lay hidden amongst the gray cloud and I would search for it when I walk to church, wondering where it is and why it has disappeared...
Paris in...May, on my Sunday walk. There the Eiffel Tower greets whoever sees its towering giant.

I would love to go back to Paris one day, somehow the air feels different than any city I visited. Oh well that's another story. Back to my macaron! Jasmine is bittersweet as it is, but with lychee cream it gives it subtle texture. I use white chocolate to hold the ganache and it's great that I can hardly taste it as I am not too enthusiastic of using white choc in all of ganaches.

The cream coloured ganache is from the jasmine leafs that was cooked in the simmering cream. Drain the cream to get rid of the leafs and add the white chocolate. I sprinkled bits of the leafs, looks prettier doesn't it? mellow mellow. With the colour, it's hard to explain what colour it is, I do hope it resembles a bit of a mix between jasmine and the creamy lychee, a few drops of blue and yellow creates that very very soft green/lime/yellow = creamy lime. Flavorwise, well I feel the lychees aren't pureed enough and needs to be dried longer to remove excess water. It's not very sweet so that's a positive I think, some flavors are meant to be as is, bittersweet right?

I hope Pierre Hermé is proud of me :D


lady jicky said...

Mmmmm Emm- I love jasmine and I would buy them in a snap! I like the look of them too.

EMMELYN said...

thanks mel. did u know there is a new flower shop/cafe that just opened in QV next to lutecia, that tea shop (next level after the food court). They have such beautiful flowers, I can just imagine selling macarons in places like that, what a great concept to bring back to Jakarta. Check it out next time, u'll like it!

lady jicky said...

Hoping to go to the city in a couple of months with my daughter - will do!