Saturday, November 28, 2009

*N*pple Blossoms*

For Sunday 29 November at Potato Head Bistro & Bar in Jakarta, Indonesia.
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Star of the Day *Nipple Blossom*: jasmine

Hazelnut Rose
Lavender white chocolate
Black Sesame dark chocolate
Mint Chocolate

Monday, November 23, 2009

Macaron Overdose 23.11.09

Yes I overdosed on macarons this morning...a result of crazy baking from 4am-6am. But I loved it!

Hazelnut-rose (pink)
Chestnut-dark chocolate (yellow 1)
Black sesame (yellow 2)
Pineapple w kafir leaves (aqua-violet)
Black sesame - jasmine (black dots)

Friday, November 20, 2009


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sesame Noir et Jasmine Blanc Macaron

Macaron Paradis
My first day off all for myself! and what did I decided to do..well well well of course I need to start baking again after a two week hiatus. I actually felt a bit pessimistic cos lately I haven't been making great macarons like I did when I was in Melbourne. I'm sure it's the oven's fault, nothing to do with the local eggs, almonds or sugar but it could all been an excuse. That and also my mental state of mind has been running at 100mph lately...adjusting to a demanding job that's fast pace and requires my a lot of street smart..I'm sure that's what my dad would say. But today I kinda get the whole trick adjusting to my oven and producing good-enough macarons, texture wise but many practices goes a long way. Not to mention I have a weeding order for 27th November for 250 macarons, yellow and peach is her theme colour so I'll do a lemon curd/buttercream and a peach ganache.

Back to my job...well it's PR or Public Relations, it's definitely not that hard...but it's not an easy job too...I swore to myself I would never work in PR, but I swore many things and ended up doing them and been pretty good so I'll see how it goes. Plus I'm broke after my three months trip to Paris and I kinda need any job to get me started. I work in my brother's restaurant here in Jakarta, called Potato Head, it's fun, cool and it's a great office, I have a little corner where I sit and sometimes the smoke gets to me so I move outside. I hope this is not turning into a diary...

Anyway back to macaron business...I'm going to have my first macaron article in a local magazine called AMICA, an Italian magazine now available in Indonesia as a franchise. Can't wait to get the new edition and will post it soon here. Alrite I've got a few dvds to end the night so goodnight and keep it real y'all!

lady macaron