Friday, July 24, 2009

Pink Vanilla Macaron

Le Pastel with caramel buttercream

So tomorrow there is this church gathering at my pastor's place and I promised the organizer that I would bring my macaron as an-after dessert 'dessert'. It's only been three weeks since I started baking them, and I think it's time for my little babies to be introduced to the world. I know 21 days is a very short time but it has taken me about 15 batches and so I can confidently say that I know how to bake a beginner...Ok I have been saying that for quite awhile now...I am still following step by step recipes in how to make fillings from creams, egg whites... butter..sugar...well coming from someone who hardly every cooks let along bake pretty little things...Gosh what a difference it makes when I skip a step or thinks I know better...NOT...

I followed the recipe for the caramel buttercream from Julia@Melanger but I also added about 100g of white chocolate into the hot cream mixture. Let it sit for a minute and they just easily stir away. I thought the pink colour is not too strong, quite a nice one don't you think? I made a dark chocolate ganache before and had it filled between my macarons and they looked horrible! pink and dark brown does not go matter how good they taste.

With the second batch, I made the caramel buttercream again and when it has slightly cooled, I added about five teaspoon of dark bitter coffee. I notice the texture is creamier and you get spicy tang in the air. The macaron baking is slightly better, their feet is still getting burnt too fast, I've lowered the temperature at the last six minutes and found out it was too early so some of the tops flattened out. I've added more baking trays under it but still didn't improve. So next time, off they go to the middle rack and stacked with heaps more of trays... :)

Oh brother is arriving shortly at the airport now...I'm such a lazy sister, I slept...while my parents go and pick him up. Well blame it on the macaron, I was baking til 10...and did a macaron facebook group til 1ish. Come check it out at

happy macaron day!


Jackie said...

All the best for today, Emmelyn. I enjoyed reading your blog as always!

EMMELYN said...

Mom's comments are always the best ain't it?

Julia @ Mélanger said...

Love the pink colour. Agree it is lovely as it is not too strong. So you like the caramel filling?