Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Le Pistache

The is definitely a hit or miss with this one. I've made two different fillings so far, one pistachio buttercream and the latest one, pistachio paste with a higher pistachio percentage and melted white chocolate. Aesthetically, I loved the idea of a pistachio jelly, but has not found a great recipe just yet, when I meant pistachio jelly, I meant biting into a salted caramel filling but with a pistachio taste. See if I mix pistachio with a caramelised sugar then it would be too sweet and strange of a flavour. What I like with this latest filling recipe is that the white chocolate has tiny pieces of nuts so when I melt it, the nuts are left behind and has a crunchy texture to it however the only slight problem is that it doesn't look that nice with white brown bits sticking out of the macaron.

This is Ladurée pistachio macaron from here. As you can see, their macarons are pretty dense and a lot thinner than Pierre Herme's macarons in general.

PH pistachio macaron with preserved cherry stuck inside. Wow, what a combination. You can see the full post of his macarons here.

My quest for le pistache is not over yet. Perhaps I should be more daring and stuck a chestnut inside? or lychee? Time to ponder away.

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