Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caramel Date Macaron

I love dates, I love munching them, I love having a couple for desserts and when I get hungry at night, I take a few upstairs to my room. So I have not found a ganache with dates so I made my own... :)

*Caramel Date
120g caster sugar
90g thickened cream
30g unsalted butter
6-8 pieces of dates (pitted!)

Cut the dates in little tiny pieces first. Heat the sugar, let it melts into a caramelly liquid, not too brown or it'll harden! add the butter quickly, then add the thickened cream and then add the dates. Drop the heat to simmering and stir until the dates are almost melted but you can still feel their textures in the mix. Let it cool and refrigerate or freeze them until it becomes firm enough for filling.

With my second batch, I added more almond meal more than the icing sugar as most of the macarons I made using the Italian method has become a bit stiff, although the have a very smooth top. I notice adding more almond meal they are more fragile but they feel like how the should feel when I had macarons from Ladurée. However I could see tiny specks of almond dots, they look like they're still raw but I could a lot of bigger specks in Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. Also my colouring is very subtle so that could be why. For next time, I'll try using slightly more almond meal and cooked them for a bit longer. We'll see.


Julia @Mélanger said...

These look lovely. So you're sticking to the French method???

EMMELYN said...

Merci! No, I used the Italian method, I've tried the French method when I started and failed each time, the macarons flatted out. I'm still a bit scared to try it again, but i need to. I think it could be too much macaronning. I'll try next week.