Thursday, July 30, 2009

L'amour de Pêche Macaron

Yes it's been a few days since my last macaron post, but I've come back with a big bang! let me introduce to you my latest macaron, the peach love or in seductive french...l'amour de pêche macaron. Peachy, sweet & sour with a citrus after-taste and just beautiful montage. I am so proud of these, and I must thank Lilo from cuisine-campagne for this great great recipe. The recipe calls for a french method macaron, and I substitute that with my Italian method that I have been using since I started. Some macarons in the website has Italian method macaron, but I think if any of you are using home ovens, Italian (sucre cuit) method makes more stable macs. I did follow the peach jelly recipe and it turned out great.

Macaron with a peachy montage*
70g almond flour
67g powdered sugar

50g egg whites
67g caster sugar
16g water

For the peach montage, I brushed a light pink-peach powder dust over the macaron using a small thin brush. Only brushed at the edges and don't overdo it. Ta-da...a peach-looking macaron!

The step-by-step instruction is from Syrup & Tang's. By adding 3g more of almond flour (70g) my macarons turned out shinier, more chewy and has better feet. Again I think it all comes down to your oven at home, the temperature correction (my oven is way hotter than others I think) and I also reduced the heat to 135-140c and increasing the baking to 14-15minutes.

I am over the moon with cuisine-campagne website, it has great macaron recipes and the photos will blow your imagination! especially the one with the green apple montage. It is in french but it is easily translated in google translation service. Find macaron recipes in french google and the results are pretty original. My brother thinks that the peach jelly is slightly too pureed, but my mom loves it because she loves anything fruity. I am still sticking to Italian method even though I found a LOT of macaron bloggers using french method, I'm still intimidated since failing each time. I am still thinking about taking another macaron course at Savour School for three hourse instead of the full-day I took a few months ago, cos I need to ask more questions and find out why I kept failing at french method. We'll see...

Life in Melbourne is still good, we are moving house next month and everyone is pretty excited. It's a lovely house, has a homey ambiance like a small cottage. Has a bigger lawn so dog can run around, he loves sleeping though and sunbathing definitely.

oh Max, Max come and look! Max...Max...MAXXXX!!! he loves curling up and napping. And eating 24/7. But he's a good dog.

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