Thursday, July 16, 2009

Genmai-Cha Green Tea Macaron

Genmai-Cha Green Tea Macaron with roasted-rice aroma.

Hellow everybody, so today I decided to make a green-tea infused macaron with Genmai-Cha green tea. I liked this particular brand because it has roasted rice in its tea bags, and the aroma is very rusty and reminds me of burned wood actually. Weird but I seem to relax whenever I drink this tea after a long hard day of work! Green tea flavoured macaron is not new in the macaron stratosphere, so I thought I should try it since I know there would be a lot of my girlfriends who would prefer eating these (perhaps they thought it's healthier??).

For the ganache I melt some white chocolate in the cream ganache because the green-tea is partly just for aroma. I tasted a bit of the ganache before I refrigerate it and although you can taste a slight white chocolate taste, the green-tea with roasted rice taste is stronger, which I find works wonderful.

The lightly brown macaron on the right is also green tea flavoured but it was my second batch and I was experimenting with the colours, no! They are not overcooked!

I use all natural-colouring in my macarons, hence I think the colour is very subdued. I haven't tried powdered ones yet but I think I need to if I want to get serious with all this macaronning.

*Genmai-Cha Green Tea ganache
150g of thickened cream
50g of white chocolate buttons
four *genmai-cha green tea bags (I would prefer green tea powder, so I have more research to do)

Stir the thickened cream over simmering heat, when it starts bubbling add the white chocolate buttons. When everything is mix, let it cool. Infused the green tea bags in four tablespoons of near-boiling water, drain the bags until the last drop and add to the cream mixture. Refrigerate for an hour or so, check twice and stir to get a smooth texture. Then I whipped it hard in max speed for 5 minutes to get a thick creamy ganache. Voila!

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