Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pistachio & Pink Cinnamon Macaron

Pistachion macaron with creamy pistachio ganache and pink cinnamon macaron with caramel date filling.

Saturday is suppose to be a great day to make some macarons, after all it's the weekend and I am all alone with Max, my Jack Russel Terrier, who behaves wonderfully on Saturdays as the postman is having his day off. But guess what! my macarons didn't turn out so wonderful! The first batch I made were too small and the colour of green monster, and the rest, well they had burnt feet. I mean from the photo they look pretty good but the feet were uneven and I think their tops were too stiff. I like the way the colours turn out though, I would def use both colours if I have a macaron cafe one day. I'm not sure where I'd gone wrong, I know for sure that the oven had some major issues since I emptied all the racks last night and somehow I rearrange it the wrong way. Also I bought a different batch of almond meal, these are from South Melbourne market, not the ones from supermarkets. I would think they would be better, or perhaps I grind them in my Cuisinart too long? I hope I can work all those issues on Monday.
Wish me luck!

I like this image of this jack russel, it so describe my dog perfectly if he was confined like that. He would be jumping non-stop until someone gives him the right attention! I love him so much.

I'm not particularly into those macarons with sprinkly tops, tops that are sprinkled with nuts and tid bits. I love my macarons smooth. So I grind the almond meal, pistachio and icing sugar alltogether until they're smooth.

I used the Italian Method for all my macaron, for the pistachio ganache I kinda made one today combining half a cup of thickened cream that's been whipped at max speed, half a cup of icing sugar and 1/4 cup of pistachio meal. Then I just refrigerate til they're firm enough for filling.

The caramel date is from previous post, I added ground cinnamon so that's it's not too sweet and for aroma as well.

Have a great weekend. See you all on Monday!

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