Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Macaron Bake

Today I found the almost-perfect macaron recipe after trialling the first recipe in the Pierre Hermé Macaron book which I received express from Paris! Le Mogador is a brightly yellow macarons sprinkled with chocolate powder filled with passionfruit infused in dark chocolate ganache. Monsieur Mogador as I prefer it to be a masculine  has many followers around the world in various patisseries, I have seen this often witty flavour in Lindt cafe, in various macarons bakeries in New York, in Sydney and also other noted macaron establishments in Paris. And I say why not, it proved to be a popular signature flavour  and  who would've thought of mixing passionfruit and chocolate. The mogador is filled with thick dark chocolate mix with fresh passionfruit syrup. Even after the first bite, the passionfruit sweet sour taste is very strong.

Though I have not made the filling yet, the shells is as fat and happy as it could be. What amazes me is that I have been following the almost exact macaron recipe with italian method yet a slight difference in the process from the book changes everything. I learned from my macaron class and from another popular bloggist and countless of other web recipes with italian method to mix the first half of the egg whites with the tant pour tant (almond powder and icing sugar mixture) first to make a paste, then proceed to whip the other egg whites with the cooked sugar. However PH showed in his book that he only poured the egg whites to the tpt and left it there until the italian meringue is ready. Everything is folded together at the same time and that process I believe is essential in developing a high feet and fat shells. At the end of it, it does makes sense because when you fold the tpt with the egg white first to make a paste, it sort of deflate the airyness of the tpt and you are folding the batter twice instead of in one go.

I might need to post a mini recipe soon, it's a great feeling when you've achieve something pretty good and it's also great to share it with others and learn that they've succeeded too! Sooon readers :)


Julia @ Mélanger said...

You know how much I love the Italian method for making French macarons, so will have to try this little trick re: egg whites and see what difference it makes. Like you, I pretty well much use the same method every time. Making a new batch soon so will give it a go! I've also made this flavour combination before earlier in the year. It was delicious!

Lady Macaron said...

hi julia, yes u MUST try this new process, and up the temperature to 180C (if ur oven is fan-forced like mine) and if not PH recommended between 165-190. It has to be hot when the macaron goes inside the oven.

penny aka jeroxie said...

they look so fat. hope everything goes well and i get to try them soon ;)