Monday, October 5, 2009

Mangez-les! (les macarons bien sûr)

Yes you heard me right, go and eat those macarons! mangez-les! and enjoy the every bit of sweet endorphins that are release from thy brain. But my word of advise to watch that waist from expanding: "I always stop when I have the urge to eat some more" and never ever eat more than one macaron at one sitting time, but then you won't be able to taste the rest of the flavours???!! sure you can, I know it sorta deflate the whole purpose of eating a macaron, but I cut them in tiny bits and let everyone guess what the flavours are. Share them with your friends, family and if you have a ravenous dog 24/7 you can always just give it a tiny weeny crust (like a microscopic size).

Excited super excited I received my book parcel from Paris this morning, I knew it was going to be today. It was like a dream to get the Pierre Hermé macaron book, and it does feel like a gift from God, I know I'm over-exaggerating but I seriously think that any macaron fanatics out there who wants to perfect their baking skills need to get this book pronto. Yes it is in French but google has a really good french-translation and it'll give out as many programs that does it.

So how good is the book? Well the PH macaron recipes are divided into five specific categories, les classiques like rose, dark chocolate, pistachio and caramel then les fetish, basically the sexy mysterious flavours with more than one ingredient combination like the famous ispahan with lychee, rose and raspberry in the ganache. Peach, apricot and safron is also included. Les signatures is his signature styles, the flavours he offer continuously in his macaron boutiques and ones that he created from his genius brain. Les sur mesure is the made-to-measure if we're speaking in the fashion tongue, they're certainly not for everyone like the ketchup flavour David Lebovitz once made, and they are sort of a tribute (or a mock) for famous icons or something/someone, like the macaron au jasmin for Jean Patou, the famous french designer/perfumerie. Quite an entertaining read for someone with barely any french syllabus left in her, since there are some words that I can still assimilate and yes they are funny.

The last of the chapter is les exceptions and it does require a certain amount of $$$ to start with since the ingredients list requires a certain foie gras, caviar, balsamic and truffle but they're great to impress a certain...I don't know president?supermodel?designer?

Well I'm off to a great read tonight and will definitely start testing these recipes soon.

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Lennie said...

Oh i always eat macaron when I'm in Paris, and you have lots there!