Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Marmalade & Prune Macaron

Just the way grandma likes it, yup marmalade on toast and prunes for snacks are probably the two most favourite staple food of my late grandma who lives in Vancouver and probably your grandma too! Wait a second, I know my mom loves both snacks so it would go in favour for a lot of mothers too. So why not put the two together? This is how my mom describes it,

"So while you're eating the macaron, I can taste the bits of prunes inside and some people eat prunes for medicinal purposes so in a way you know their healthy for you. And the delicateness of the chocolate gives it just the perfect texture for the prune filling. There was this fresh feeling from the marmalade, a bit of bitterness, naturally, it was just divine!"

Why did I choose hot pink shells? I don't know, perhaps if I go dark purple it would scare off people from eating prunes, and deep down I should've gone for dark orange or pink with a tint of orange. Oh well, I hope a lot of you gets to enjoy my macarons soon.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What an interesting flavour! I like the idea of combining chocolate and prune together :D

lady jicky said...

Emm , the purple would NOT scare me off - you know I love the laudree cassis!!! LOL DARK!!!!

Try the purple or maybe lilac??

Have you tried to flavour with rosewater or orangeblossom water for a roonie yet?

Lady Macaron said...

Mel, Im a bit intimidated with rose and orange blossom cos i know it's like one of the hardest flavour to tackle. I need the correct ingredients to its finest detail! I am in the lookout for a very authentic rose and orange blossom syrups, so far ive only found watery kinda fakey-based. So when i do get them i will def give it a go. I mite even call it Melanie Rose. That's nice.

lady jicky said...

I agree, some do taste watery and very false!
Do like the name. I can see a rosey one with one macaroon top in lauderee pink - then the filling - joined to the other roonie that is laudree green!! Tres Chic!