Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pink October Macaron

So good news everybody! I got my PH MACARON book that was previously sold out and out of print early this year and nOOOWWW it's available again through I was so excited I had to press my enter button a few times, instead of being disponible it was en stock! hurrayyy and on top of that I'll be getting it express by the end of the week (counting my days!!).

Apparently it was just re-printed and came out on the 10th September and I am pretty sure by a few weeks, this book will be out-of-print again. So hurry up macaron afficianados and fans alike, go get it! it was seriously cheap for 28.40EUR plus delivery.

On other news, I did another Ladurée tasting, this time, pistachio, caramel with salted butter (caramel au beurre sounds so much better doesn't it?) and lime (which is cédrat in french and only available in summer). Pistachio has very crunchy pistachio nuts and not at all sweet which is good, PH pistachio is smooth and with a ganache based whereas Ladurée's is buttercream based. I would go with Ladurée's if I to pick one between a pistachio flavour but PH's pistachio with cherry centre is fun to eat!

I've tasted Ladurée's caramel au beurre before and I fell in love. Just perfect saltiness with none of the burnt sugar taste as caramel do often gives.

Lime surprisingly is not that tangy as lemon but I love the ganache cos it has a slight coconut taste, what is with all these hidden coconut in french macaron??? but don't take my word on that coconut cos I still have lots of research to do. Love the disco lime colour though, it's so retro and gosh can't believe I'm eating that!

What I did to my Ladurée box (I put all my macaron colours in there and the dust powder too!)


Miranda said...

Wow these look lovely

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I have a serious love for those Laduree boxes! I can't believe how much I spent there last time I went-although I have to say that I was in love with everything I bought lol. Probably just as well that I live far, far away! I can still try it vicariously through you! :)

Lady Macaron said...

miranda~ thank you
lorraine~ yes i love all the boxes as well and i cant seem to name one thing i dont like from laduree. Thanks!