Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flower Power Macaron

When you master your oven, there is no greater joy in baking macarons, now I can make it fat with a slight crunchy shells (last longer in Jakarta's humid and hot weather) or slightly flatter (the way it's suppose to be). I honestly prefer them to be authentic that is flatter, with flittery feet that doesn't raise up so gigantically. However after taking them out from the fridge they get very soft easily and if I sell them without a cold case, then I'm afraid they'll deformed way too fast. Today though I made really fat macarons, eventhough they look prettier with more hummphf, they're way too crunchy. I still prefer flatter versions.

But hey the look great against the flowery background. Today I made lavender and rose macarons. The passionfruit-chocolate macs were made a few days ago. I couldn't believe what I found today at Kem Chicks, a supermarket in Kemang that sells a lot products from overseas, yep those Monin flavoured syrup, they even have...(shock shock!) chestnut matcha green tea flavoured syrup!!! how Pierre Hermé is that! Unbelievable what products they carry in this tiny totally-underated Jakarta. Even Melbourne does not have that! With a price tag of Rp.147,000, I thought I'll try a few bottles and see how really good they are. So what flavour do I need desperately...umm Rose and Lavender!

I made a Pâte á Bombe Recipe using the leftover egg yolks. It is a french buttercream that takes a bit too long to make, and tasted well...like normal cream, so next time I'm going to just use a ganache based filling with added tpt (tant pour tant, almond and icing sugar mixture). Happy that my oven is working a-ok! Tomorrow I'm starting a new job as PR for Potato Head restaurant...which happens to be owned by my brother and his partners. So good luck to me and I hope I can spread the macaron words!


Elly + Yin said...

OMG!!! I DIE!! those colours are soooooo PREETY! I feel like reaching into my laptop sceen and grab them all!! That blue/grey colour is definatelly very interesting & dreamy. Safe me those lavender ones please, Lady M!

Hope you had a great 1st day at work today! =)

I can't believe I'll be leaving melb in a week time! SCARY! C u soon!


Lady Macaron said...

i know! But i think ull feel more relax when u get here. Seriously this place is like a diamond in the rough! needs a lot of polishing but hey it's a diamond to start with, so gotta enjoy it. C u Soon..r u still reading the little book i gave you?

Julia @ Mélanger said...

Those flavour combinations are sensational. I have the PH book, too. How wonderful is it? I almost want to put it under my pillow at night!

Lady Macaron said...

Yes the PH macaron book is the best, wish i have two, one for reading and one to frame! i love it.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

They look absolutely gorgeous! And good luck with the new job! :D

lady jicky said...

Here I am Emm!
I know you are a perfectionist but .... I still think your roonies look wonderful and if they have to be a touch fatter to take the heat - please don't stress. They look fantastic!!!!!!

Lady Macaron said...

Thanks mel..I'm struggling w thy oven!! How r
By the way? Hasn't seen u around...I miss
Baking...start again tonite!!