Monday, September 28, 2009

Eat Ladurée Macaron

Welcome to another round of macaron tasting from Paris, this time from none other than Ladurée. When I was in Paris I did went to Ladurée a handful of times but I've only tasted vanilla, caramel, chocolate and coffee so far, we go, on an empty stomach with a cup of afternoon coffee.

Citron. A hard recipe to tackle since lemon filling to me visually should be like a yellow curd, but Ladurée decided on a lemon flavoured ganache instead and surely they want to create a strong contrast between the artificial yellow and white. Yes the lemon-tang is there, but so is the white-chocolate flavour (and somehow Ladurée's ganache has a slight coconut after-taste). I can feel shreds of either coconut or perhaps almond meal. Not particularly a favourite and I would avoid ordering this one.
Menthe Glaciale is mint. Again a mint flavoured ganache, but since I love mint candy and anything minty, this is a nice pair up. Great striking colour and definitely an attraction in itself.

Cassis violette is blackcurrant. Definitely sweeter and more bitter than raspberry or strawberry which gives sourness. Now it is not made purely of blackcurrant paste or jam since the texture is very dense and thick, so it is either mix with white chocolate or almond meal. I think it's both since there are hard granules in there, I could feel it between my teeth, and it's not the seeds I'm sure. I love this flavour, it's refreshing.

Ladurée l'eglisse or licorice flavour is veryyyy subtle, but beautifully combined with the ganache and I thought that it has slight coconut taste. Yes Aaron from a life worth eating is correct, this particular flavour is very special, it leaves a minty licorice after-taste and will also be in my flavour book. I felt like eating a charcoal though with the black colour, it was quite intimidating colour. Well done to this one!

With 50odd numbers left of macarons in my freezer, I am taking my time and definitely watching my waist too! All in moderation and you have to enjoy it.

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