Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anyone for licorice?

So licorice is one of those snack where you either hate it or you love it. Most people I know hates the bitter-medicine-like taste of licorice. I on other hand, loves it, I craves it sometimes and it's a great snack. Yes we all know it has medicinal health benefits to your digestion and so on, but I doubt it with the ones on the sweet counter. Nevertheless it's one flavour I would like to tackle in the kitchen and see how the end result fair. I was pretty surprised many months ago to learn that Ladurée has licorice as one of their permanent flavor in the shop, called l'eglise, with chestnut also in the filling to saturate the bitter taste of licorice. With a pairing of dark black-brown macaron shells and brown-chestnut filling colour, Ladurée's l'eglise is known for it's mysterious flair. How does it fair in my kitchen? well since I already have a chestnut matcha green tea macaron already in my list of flavors, I thougth I should mix the licorice with caramel. The licorice took ages to melt so in the end after cutting it in tiny little bits, I gave up trying to melt the whole thing, but you know what, I kinda like the way the black bits were showing off from the macaron shells. So I guess my impatience does gives good rewards...sometimes.
My licorice-caramel macaron version. Definitely gotta change the brown-coloured shells for next time. Love the black bits popping out from the fillings.

Ladurée's l'eglise meaning licorice. Don't you just love the combination of that black and chestnut brown...

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