Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year from Lady Mac

Happy New Year!
Here's a short clip of my highlights in 2009

Potato Head's NYE Party 31 Dec. Celebrating New York 1930s
"If I could have a photobooth all day long, I would take pictures all night long!"

My mom and I infront of a Plymouth 1948, I turned out be a Pocahontas from the 30s!

My 1st featured article in AMICA magazine on french macarons and my time in Paris. A journey I shall never forget!

On the bridge of the Seine river, goofin' off with my friends from our French class, we had fun that day, and that Berthillon ice cream sure is the best I've tasted so far!!

My macaron display at Potato Head, selling only on Sundays! my precious little project...Fashion et Macaron=Pourquoi pas?

Sunday Brunch @ POTATO HEAD will never be the same again~
Available from 10AM til SOLD OUT as we always do :)


eLLy* said...

Wow! What a year! You've made macaron a new trend! Cheers to another sweet year to Lady Macaron! xxx eLLy*

Ashlee said...

How did I miss your macron stand today when I was in Potatohead? I'll have to come back and buy some one time, I love macrons so much!

There's this great patisserie called Adriano Zumbo in Sydney that makes them and I used to go there all the time. I didn't realize there was also a Jakarta expert!

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